Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Yellow Brick Road

September 12, 2013

I was down to Gagetown, yesterday, to put my quilts in the Gagetown Fair and I fell in love with all the sunflower gardens along the way. I couldn't help but think of "The Yellow Brick Road" and so that is how we got the name of today's blog. Sunflowers are a beautiful fall flower that make great topics for many quilts and wall hangings. Their heads are so heavy they can only nod to you as you pass and they come in so many beautiful colors. Below, I have taken a picture of a wall hanging that I did a number of years ago with Wanda Duross. It has a lot of beading in the centre and highlighted with with fabric paint to bring out the shading. It is still one of my favorites. 

Today's quilt is a sweet little baby quilt, "the Yellow Brick Road" was done by Natalie. This quilt is 49" x 58" and is quilted in the pattern called "Bug's Love". Natalie has used soft yellows and aqua colored blocks in this quilt . The backing is done in a soft beige "Mimke " fabric. This is a soft beautiful quilt.

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