Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cookies and Cream

Happy Easter! March 28th, 2013. I know Its not quite Easter yet but in preparation for this special day I needed to get my blog ready . I am showing you Lois's lovely quilt called "Cookies and Cream". The colors are so spring like and soft. I just had to use it for my Easter blog. This quilt is 90x98 and quilted in an all over pattern called "Champagne". It is a very pretty quilt.

The pattern on the back shows up really well. Lois has done a great job on this project.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Box Top Challenge

March 25, 2013
Today is Monday.  We will start the week of with a big bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. Actually this little wallhanging was a boxtop challenge. At our guild we had to pick a boxtop out of the bin. The cardboard picture of Cheerios was the one I got. You had to make something quilted using colors from your boxtop. I love to make still lifes so this was a fun project for me. The center of the picture is done in a small stippling around the pitchers. The outside border is done in the pattern called Christopers Feathers while the inside border has a double line. Someone asked me how I found fabric with the little cheerios on it. They are just the right colored fabric cut in small circles. I added the centres with fabric paint and used invisible thread to sew them down. It works great. The pitchers are highlighted with fabric paint shading. Hope you enjoyed my little boxtop.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


March 25,2013 Thread, Thread, Thread, beautiful thread. The spring colors look more vibrant when I look at all the nice colors of thread. Thread can make your quilt look even more special and there are many colors and textures to choose from. I have these lined up on my wall so my customers can choose just the colors they like.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reflections of Spring

March 21,2013, It is finally spring! Wow! We got walloped with a big snowstorm yesterday. I think they are testing us. I put up this picture of the old train bridge in Swan Creek, New Brunswick. The reflections in the water are wonderful, so many shades and the stillness of the waters are very calming and relaxing.It won't be long before the new snow will be gone again and this bridge will look like spring for sure. I will show you the quilt I have planned for today. It is done in spring colors and is a wedding signature quilt. The colors represent the colors of the bridal party. Jeannie kay has done a lovely job on this quilt and I,m sure the bride and groom will cherish it for years to come.

Wedding Guest Quilt

This block shows one of the signature blocks that say " The Quilted Guest Book", I love how the quilted heart just happen to land on the centre of this block. When you do all over pantographs you never know where the pattern is going to land.

The wedding quilt is 94x95 and is quilted in an all over pattern called String of Hearts at 12 inches.

The back of this quilt shows the string of hearts quite well. Nice job Jeannie Kay.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Paddy's Day

Happy St. Patricks Day!
I decided to blog a day early this week so we can celebrate St. Patricks Day. I love the beautiful green of the shamrock on my kitchen table and although I'm not Irish I still love this celebration. I will wear a little green in honour of the occasion and for all those who are Irish. It also makes me feel that spring is getting so close.

A sweet time of year.

Yes, spring is getting close, we hear and see all sugar makers in full swing. This is an older picture of one of the many trees my father use to tap. We use to make gallons and gallons of maple syrup and I remember fondly the hours spent washing and filling the hundreds of bottles for sale. It was a busy time of year for the whole family. My brothers now run the maple sugar business and dad who is now 95 waits patiently to taste the first run. It has changed so much now with pipeline every where but the hard work is still there. It is just like quilting I suppose, things have changed so with all our great sewing machines and new techniques.

Black and White

I don't have any greenquilts at this time for St. Patricks Day so I will show you this lovely black and white quilt made by Kay. This quilt is 83x93 and done in the pattern called Champayne. Nice job Kay!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blues-Pineapple Quilt

March 14, 2013      Its Thursday already, I promised to show you another blue quilt. This is an old pattern called Pineapple Quilt.I pieced this quilt with many strips, did I say MANY strips! The quilt is a Queen size quilt and is quilted with the pattern Tapestry. I took this particular quilt to the Nursing Home to show my 93 year old mother and my 95 year old father and I was surprised to hear my father exclaim that this quilt is the one he likes the best of all the many, many quilts I have shown them. I guess he still loves the old tradional favorites.  

The wash basin and chamber pot, you see here, is sitting on an old antique wash stand. Once again the Flow Blue pieces are beautiful with the Pineapple quilt. I LOVE BLUE!!

The Tapestry pattern on this backing shows up great!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bloomin' Nine Patch

March 11, 2013 
Today is Blue Monday, not in the sense of it being sad but I will show you two blue quilts this week. I love blue and decorate a lot with it. In this first picture I wanted to get outside in the fresh March air. My husband, Eugene and I went for a nice drive and spotted this lovely, neatly stacked woodpile up on a hill. I couldn't resist whipping out my Bloomin' nine patch out of the trunk of my car to have this picture taken. The owner of the woodpile gave me permission to use his woodpile but he exclaimed with a big smile that it was the first time he ever had a quilt photographed . He left for the house in a hurry to tell his wife I'm sure.  

This quilt is a Bloomin' Nine Patch.The quilting pattern is an allover pantograph called Soft N Sweet. I like this pattern a lot because it fits together well. This is a big queen size quilt and is very striking. As you can see it matches the Flow Blue dishes perfectly.

The back of the quilt shows this Soft N Sweet pattern nicely. This Flow Blue platter, circa 1891 was made by Burgess & Leigh , England and is a family heirloom. It belonged to my husband's grandmother and was passed on to us from his mother over 35 years ago. This large platter was kept in his mother's trunk, wrapped in wool blankets from the Oxford Woolen Mill, Oxford ,NS. It had not been taken out for years. The platter is in pristine condition and hence has been the contributing factor for many blue quilts, table runners and wall hangings. Be sure to check on Thursday to see another blue quilt feature.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Natalie's Snowball Nine Patch

Today we are showing a lovely quilt by Natalie. This quilt is a snowball and nine patch and is 85 inches wide x 103 inches long. . The pattern chosen to be quilted is hummingbirds. She has done a nice job on this quilt.
You can really see the hummingbird pattern in this block.