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Gwenda and Eugene Mattinson have been machine quilting for approximately 12 years. We started quilting for ourselves and family before deciding to start a quilting business.

Gwenda has been quilting for many years and has done just about every aspect of quilting. She is an accomplished quilter and has won prizes for her quilts. Gwenda taught painting classes for many years and has an eye for colour and patterns. She is use to serving the public, having retired from being a Communication Clerk at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital and as secretary for a doctor’s office. She belongs to four quilt guilds and has held many positions in each. Gwenda is a stickler for detail; she will prepare your quilt for the machine and follow it through to its completion to assure that our customers get a first class product. Every quilt is treated with love and care. She has taken the same computerized quilting courses in Rhode Island and Ohio as her husband, these are listed below.

Eugene is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick and the Maritime Forest Ranger School. He retired from teaching forest technicians drafting and computers and now spends his time running a Gammill Classic Plus equipped with an Intelliquilter computerized system which is stitch and speed regulated. Having spent 20 successful years as a vendor of scroll work at the Boyce farmers’ Market, he has an eye for detail, steadiness and precision when working with patterns. His woodworking has been juried and accepted by the NB Craft Council and he has been a prize winner with his woodworking in both Canada and the United States.  His training on the scroll saw has made him a natural for operating the quilting machine. His understanding of computers has been a great asset when it comes to using the Intelliquilter.  He has received training at the MQX in Rhode Island and Ohio from some of the top teachers and authors, including teacher of the year 2012, DeLoa Jones, Renae Haddadin, Helen Baczynski, Pam Clarke and Kim Brunner. He is accomplished at doing both border to border and custom quilting. We believe in individual service for each quilt, why not give us a try. Book your appointment now and enjoy a beautiful quilt?

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