Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Hockey Night in Canada!!!!

Thursday,September 19,2013.
I shutter to think, but, it's that time of year again when Eugene and many of our husbands will sit in front of the TV every Saturday night and watch hockey. It's not bad enough to have Saturday nights tied up but they will be able to watch it each week. . This leaving us to quilt without being interrupted, Ah! Yes! Piece (not peace) and quiet. In just a few weeks, all cameras will be focused on hockey, be it in Canada or the USA or for that matter anywhere else that hockey is played. Training camps are in full swing getting ready for the 2013-2014 season. All the Maritimes will have their eye on Nathan MacKinnon to see if he measures up to expectations. Many of the teams take their names from animal such as the "Ducks" , "Lions" or "Tigers" but as yet, I have not seen one named after an elephant although I think some of the team should be, slow and plodding along. If you are quilting, slow and steady usually wins the race.These pictures were taken by Eugene and range from L'Ardoise, Cape Breton to Cleveland, OH to L.A., California. Enjoy your hockey season perhaps wrapped in this lovely hockey quilt shown below. 

Hockey,hockey, hockey, is the subject of today's quilt. This quilt is 59" x 69" and features the Canadien's colors. It has a quilted hockey pattern all over the top with players, sticks, and pucks. Bertha has made this great quilt for her grandson and it has pictures of both him and his father. I know he will enjoy it for many years. 

The back of this quilt has a lot of pattern and is made with warm flannel. 

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