Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Block Wonder

Thursday, May 30, 2013.
The sweet smell of lilacs is in the spring air as they put on a fantastic show as well. The hawthorne bush in our yard is not to be outdone, it puts on a beautiful white show. The alliums in the garden are in full bloom at this time of year replacing the tulips that have passed from view.

Toni's "one block wonder" is another burst of colour. Toni has chosen a feature fabric with a big print. The print is then made into hexagons with no two hexagons the same. We quilted this quilt with the pattern called " Falling Leaves" at 8". This quilt measures 88x98 and will look great on any bed.

Toni has placed separate hexagons in the corners of her border. You can see the quilting pattern really well in the pictures below.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Jellybean fun

Monday , May 27, 2013  It's been raining jellybeans all week. Look at the beautiful colors. The gardens areloving the rain but I think its time to stop now. My robin has built her nest in the lilac tree right beside our deck. I can look right down and see the two pretty blue eggs. What a sweet smelling location for those birds with the scent of lilacs all around.

Just like jellybean raindrops we show this quilt by Jeanne Kaye. She calls it "Jellybean Surprise". The colors in this quilt do remind you of jellybeans, so bright and colorful. The quilt is 60x70 and is quilted in the pattern "Cotton Candy" This is a lovely fun little quilt that someone is going to enjoy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Violets Are Blue

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Violets Are Blue,   or are they? My backyard is covered this week in beautiful violets. Some are white, purple and blue. They are so dainty and pretty against the new spring grass. If my grandchildren were here to visit, I know I would receive bouquets of them for my table but since they are not I had to pick my own bouquet to enjoy. Aren't they pretty?
The quilt I picked today looks like violets all over. This quilt was made by Jeanne Kaye and is 56x86. We have chosen the pattern of "Little Flowers" for an all over efffect. Jeanne Kaye calls this quilt "Sweet Dreams" and no wonder,. It is so soft and delicate looking, just like the little blue violet. I hope you have enjoyed seeing this quilt today. I know it is one of my favorites!

Monday, May 20, 2013

"I Spy with my little eye!"

May 20,2013- Victoria Day Monday.The purple trilliums are in full bloom in the woods around our house. There was a time when we use to see the white trilliums here but now we have more of the purple variety. Trilliums are native to North America and Asia and are welcomed sights in our New Brunswick forests. It is nice to know that while you are busy weeding and planting in your own garden to achieve that great color that nature has already looked after that in their natural habitat.
Todays quilts are fun,fun, fun. Have you ever played "I Spy With My Little Eye?" This little quilt is a hexagon I Spy quilt. Every hexagon is a different picture for children to find. They get so excited to find a red apple or a blue car. You can include all their favorite characters or numbers and alphabets. This is a great learning tool and also a cheery quilt for that child that 's not well. Marilyn has done a great job on this quilt. It measures 75 x 86, and is quilted in the pattern of 10" Cloud Nine Petite. We chose this pattern so the pictures will stand out clearly for the little one to see.

This is another "I Spy" quilt that I had made up for one of my grandchildren. It was done in a block of four, 4-inch squares together.
There are many ways to arrange your "I Spy" quilt and what great Christmas gifts for you to start now. Have Fun!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crimson Sky

May 15, 2013. Thursday
On his way down the TransCanada highway on Tuesday evening, Eugene had to stop the car and take these pictures. The sky was aglow as the sun was setting over the river valley. There was a start of a rainbow but it didn't produce the normal rainbow colours, just a crimson line in the sky. Some of nature's beauties.

We see color everywhere and Pats quilt is no exception. This pink and white Nine-patch quilt is a lovely example , It measures 74 x83 and is quilted in the pattern " Butterfly and Flowers".
You can see from the picture, of the back of this quilt, how the butterflys just flit around among the flowers. This is a very nice all over pattern.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Flower garden

May 13, 2013 Monday.

Today is Monday and we have just finished a rainy Mother's Day. The rain was so welcomed for our gardens and actually gave our families a great chance to catch up inside. The tulips are now in full bloom in the garden along with azaleas, bleeding heart and cherry blossoms. My! how I love spring. My first hummingbird has showed up at my feeder and like other years they always come for Mother's Day.
Follow below and I will show you the quilt for today. It is a very pretty one. This quilt is called Gramma's Garden. Very fitting to show you with my garden pictures, don't you think? The quilt is 90x108 and is quilted in the pattern called Simply Clematis. Carol has done a nice job on this beautiful spring quilt.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby, Baby

May 9, 2013. Thursday
It is definitely spring, the new lambs and calves are in the fields alongside of their mothers. I have noticed a lot of new born baby announcements in the last couple of weeks.
Today I will show you a baby quilt done by Carol. This quilt has puppies appliqued on it and was done in the quilt pattern "Raining Cats and Dogs". The baby that receives this gift will love this colorful and playful quilt.

This quilt is actually a panel that I quilted up and use on this little child bed. The youngest grandchild still likes to climb on this bed with her story books.It has a series of bunnies on it. She pretends she is reading to them in her own little bed. The quilt itself has different size stippling on it and is very close which makes the quilt more of a coverlet than a soft quilt. Childrens panels can make up into fun little quilts for them.