Thursday, October 31, 2013


Thursday ,October 31, 2013    Halloween!
This sure looks like a Halloween sky, and I almost can imagine a witch flying across the screen. Yes, today is Halloween and all the children are getting ready with their costumes to go from house to house. I sure miss those days and Oh to be a kid again. 
The decorations are up and waiting and its fun to see all the scary displays that people put out. My son had this big skeleton lit up in the corner of his house along with lit up spiders, zombies and skeletons. What fun their children were having.

There are lots of Halloween fabric out there for one to make some great projects out of. I found this striped fabric with lots of Halloween pictures on it. This fabric has been sitting around for a long time, so, out of the blue, I decided to do something with it. 

I am showing you this braid runner I decided to make for my kitchen table. It is really long and very colorful. You can see below as it starts to grow. 

I quilted it on the longarm using a variegated, King Tut thread in a orange and yellow color. The pattern is a roving pumpkin and vine pattern as you can see more clearly from the back. Hope you enjoyed seeing my little Halloween project today and have fun with your children tonight. Stay out of the candy Mom!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Go, Go, Go!!!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013
Go, Go, Go! Is it time to go? It seems that way when you see the Canada Goose beckoning to those in the water. Time to fly South!Follow me and away they go across the field. We are always on the go, and always getting ready for something. Could it be Halloween, Christmas or that new baby that is soon coming? Look below and you will see what Sue is getting ready for!
Maybe Sue is not getting ready for a new baby in her family, but perhaps, she is getting a little fellow his big boy quilt for winter. In any case, Sue has made this wonderful little boy quilt with Go, Go, Trucks border all around. It is 32" x 52" in size and it is stippled in the center panel. This quilt has a lovely soft , dotted Minki fabric on the back. There isn't any batting in this quilt so it will be soft and cuddly.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scrappy Thursday

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Scraps, Scraps, Scraps! It seems the more Quilted items I make, the more the piles of scraps grow. Above, you will see a pile of scraps in a heap that you can pull from as needed, or look below where they are all lined up in trays ready to use. Scraps can be sorted by color  and/or by size. What do I do with them? There are many scrappy projects you can make and all it just takes an idea. HAVE FUN CREATING WITH YOUR SCRAPS. 

Today's quilt is a beautiful scrap quilt made by Myrna. This quilt is 81" x 95" and is quilted in the pattern called "Tapestry". It is pieced with hundreds of tiny squares sewn into four patch patterns. It is quilted in a variegated thread by "King Tut". Now this is a lovely scrappy quilt, Don"t you think? 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunrise over the Bras d'Or Lake and more

Monday, October 21, 2013
The weather is gradually changing and the leaves are falling. The leaves are being raked at every chance and piled high. I am able to compost many of them but there are soooooooooooo many. We have put up a couple of pictures today for interest sake. The first one is a beautiful sunrise on the Bras d'or Lakes in Cape Breton. The sky would make a great sky for a wall hanging. Don't you think? 

This is a tree in our side yard' Can't you just see the raking ahead? 

The burning bush, actually, looks like it is on fire. What a bright color of foliage it displays. Eugene took a picture of our neighbour's pond with the reflection in the water and the red and blue chairs. All the color that keeps changing around us, keeps life interesting and acts like a great stimulate for your next projects. It will soon be Halloween and your projects for Halloween must be soon completed. I know many of you are working on your Christmas projects by now. I must get busy so I can show you some of mine along with our customers. 

Today's quilt is a cute little table cloth done by Carol. She has picked the pattern "Falling Leaves" to go on this. It is hard to tell from the pictures but the colors in this cloth are beautiful. You can see a lovely plum color around the fern border. It is a very striking project. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun Fall Colours

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Thanksgiving has gone by for another year and now we are thinking about Halloween. The colours in the Fall sky are beautiful at this time of year and leaf raking, costumes and pumpkins are still on going. I am trying to get my outside work done before the cold weather hits while working feverishly on Christmas quilting inside. The quilt studio is starting to get busy now, we have quilts coming in each day. Do you have your quilts ready for quilting yet? Please don't  leave them until the last minute, get them in early to avoid disappointment. 

The beavers are busy getting ready for winter, I guess that we are not the only ones busy at this time of year. Look at the yellows, greens, blues and browns in this picture, a nice choice of colours for a quilt, don't you think.

Today's quilt is called "Up the Escalator" and certainly reminds you of escalator steps. Bea has done a great job putting this quilt together and has made a good use of her colors. This quilt is 83.5" x 83.5" and is quilted in the pattern called "Floral Lights". 

 Bea picked variegated thread so she could see the quilting on the back of the quilt and give that little added touch to her quilt, doesn't it show the pattern nicely.  Another great project done for Bea.