Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Album Quilts and Memories

Wednesday,  February 26, 2014
It is a wonderful thing to have good memories. My two grandsons are looking through a chain link fence as they say goodbye to a great vacation once more on Grand Manan Island. These times will hold great memories for them.
We all have memories of past times as seen in old family photos. In earlier days, photos were not as available and people did not travel much. Those that did travel, moved great distances with very little contact to relatives and family. The album quilt or signature quilt was often made and remembrances were written on the blocks so they could always cherish those they've left behind.  

Special events,events, people and even the comfort of the old outhouse can be special remembrances. Memories are everywhere even in quilting.

Here is a charming Memory or Album quilt that we quilted recently. This quilt was done by Simone and is 57 x 86. She has chosen a Humingbird pattern for her quilt. It is done in an all over pantograph and the pattern shows great. This quilt is a lovely keepsake quilt done in a scrappy block. Let your keepsakes and memories grow with each year. Till next week , Gwenda

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snowmen weather

Wednesday, February 19, 2014.
 Snowmen, Snowmen, Lots of snow for snowmen and the next three days are calling for more. There is not a thing that we can do about it, so you might as well settle down and quilt snowmen. spring will soon be here before you know it.

Susan has made her snowman quilt and here they are all snuggled in and keeping warm. These quilts are custom quilted with stars and snowflakes in various colors. This quilt can be a lap quilt or a wall hanging and measure 48" x 61".

 Nancy's quilt is another snowman quilt made with different snowman activities. The border is quilted with the patter "Baby It's Cold Outside". This quilt is 63" x 65" and has a soft "Minke " backing on it. What a soft and cosy quilt.

 Karen's quilt is another snowman quilt just like the one at the beginning. These girls had a great time making these little quilts and everyone of them look so different with their color choices. This quilt has soft "Minke" polka dots on the back. So----- warm and cozy.

I hope you enjoyed our snowman page. If you can't get out to build a snowman, then, head for the sewing room and sew one up. Keep warm til next time and don't forget we are here to quilt your favorite projects up and see them to completion. Gwenda

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Make a valentine for your sweetheart

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friday is Valentines Day, and I thought that I would show you a couple of Valentines that were really made the hard way, out of ice at the Boyce Farmers' Market. It is being cut out of a slab of ice using first a power saw and then various hand tools. It was a cold morning, so we only stayed for a short time and didn't get to see the finished product.It was beautiful from pictures that I saw that others took later in the morning. This sculpture is a work of art that can only be enjoyed for a short time.
Yes, Valentines Day is coming up this week and my friend Barb had a great time making this series of wall hangings. She has used the Twister ruler and has made them from small to bedside quilts. She tells me she started to make them and just couldn't get stopped. How lovely they turned out and everyone are so different.

Today's quilt is in keeping of the color red for Valentines Day. Don't you just love the red tones in this red fabric. It is 102" x 117" and has all the blocks set on point. Carmel wasn't sure what this quilt was called but it is very striking. The pattern quilted on this is called Bubbles which gives it an all over texture. Remember that loved one on Valentines Day and keep the love in quilting!  Gwenda