Longarm Quilting Services

Price List

Minimum charge                                            $40.00
Basting                                                         0.010(per square inch [psi])

Meandering/Stippling                              0.017(psi)
Edge to Edge (E2E) Pantograph              0.017(psi)

Custom Quilting
Class I                                 0.025-0.035(psi)

Class I- Edge to Edge (E2E) in the interior, separate border treatment.
Class II                                0.035-0.050(psi)

Class II – Separate Blocks/Sash/border treatments, stitch in the ditch and applique outlining.

Half binding – preparing and attaching to front of quilt for you to finish      0.10(per linear inch)

Full binding – prepare, attach and hand finish                                                    0.24(pli)
Binding Construction                                                                                                0.04(pli)

Backing             per seam                            $12.00

Batting must be at least 8” wider and 8” longer than the quilt top. You may supply your own or purchase batting from our supply. We currently carry Hobbs 80/20(cotton/poly), Quilters Dream Wool (100% wool), Polyester and thin batting for table runners, place mats and wall hangings.

Backing needs to be 8” wider and longer than your quilt top. Please square and press your backing. If you are piecing your back, make sure you remove your selvages are removed. Outside selvages may remain. Seams should be ½” wide and pressed open. A busy print for the backing is recommended if you select a pattern that requires a lot of starting and stopping.

Thread will be supplied from our wide selection of colours. We charge $5.00 for quilts up to 5000 sq. inches and $7.00 for quilts over 5000 sq. inches. Three thread colour changes are included, extra threads are $3.00 each.   Specialty threads (metallic, variegated, etc) are $10.00-15.00.

Extra charges will be applied for washing, pressing and /or construction of backing.

All prices are subject to change. Prices are in effect commencing October 1, 2012

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