Monday, September 9, 2013


Monday September 9, 2013
Did you see the laser show at the FREX, this year? I thought the colours and patterns were wonderful. It made me think of colours and patterns in quilting especially with all the angles and curves. Eugene shot a few of the patterns to show you. This laser show was very beautiful and fun to watch, and you never know where your next quilting project will start.

The exhibition has come and gone and I was fortunate to have won a Grand Champion ribbon for my Braid Quilt this year. It won in the Seniors Machine Quilting class and as you can see has bright  runs of yellow and blues meeting at the center to a triangle square. This is a very bright and stunning quilt and now you know why I chose the laser light show pictures to go with it. It sure is fun. The quilting pattern is called Festive Daisy, which meanders all over this quilt. Maybe you would like to try to make a braid quilt soon, they are fun and fast to make. 

I can't help to show off my prize ribbons for the machine quilting class. It is always nice to see the rewards of your hard work and you can't help but be proud of your endeavors. We can help you make your quilt a prize winner too, be if for a gift, an exhibition, quilt show or just for your own enjoyment. We will finish it for you with a nice machine quilting pattern. Just give us a call and book your appointment when you get your top completed and we can help you out by quilting it. Call 459-7343. Make your quilting, fun quilting. Gwenda Quilts


  1. Beautiful quilt made by a beautiful lady!
    Congratulations Gwenda.

  2. It's beautiful Gwenda. Bring it to guild ok? Love this colorway and the quilting is beautiful. Love that flower pattern. So detailed!!