Monday, May 6, 2013

Trip around the world

Monday May 6,2013

We are getting great weather now and our gardens are growing like crazy. There is so much yard work to do, its hard to keep at the quilting sometimes. My tulips are starting to open now and are sporadic in places. We have problems with the chipmunks and squirrels here and its a battle every fall to see how many tulip bulbs can be spared. I guess I won out on some of them. Monday morning and I look at Carole's quilt called " Trip Around the World" and I think how it would be a fun thing to do,but then I think it would take me away from my sewing machines for too long. I know, I know, life is too short but you have to choose the things you like to do the best and I guess that's sewing for now.This quilt is called trip Around the World" and is 87x97. We have quilted a 10" pattern on it called "Falling Leaves". It gives it a nice swirling pattern as you can see by the backing in the picture below. This is a lovely soft quilt with Hobbs 80/20 batting in it. Carol now has a lovely quilted quilt for her bed. 

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  1. Your oriental popies are divine. I love the pictures of your flowers. I can only dream to have flower gardens like yours. I really like the quilting you have done on this Trip Around the World. I, too, would like to do that one some day. Certainly is a very busy time of year for sure. And how wonderful to spend time outdoors now that the weather is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Lucy