Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crimson Sky

May 15, 2013. Thursday
On his way down the TransCanada highway on Tuesday evening, Eugene had to stop the car and take these pictures. The sky was aglow as the sun was setting over the river valley. There was a start of a rainbow but it didn't produce the normal rainbow colours, just a crimson line in the sky. Some of nature's beauties.

We see color everywhere and Pats quilt is no exception. This pink and white Nine-patch quilt is a lovely example , It measures 74 x83 and is quilted in the pattern " Butterfly and Flowers".
You can see from the picture, of the back of this quilt, how the butterflys just flit around among the flowers. This is a very nice all over pattern.


  1. Totally amazing sky colours. Jim was in at work and called to tell me to look out the window, and I did the sky was a pretty pink...missed the drama of his viewing. So...thanks for the photos!

  2. The crimson sky is gorgeous. I am sad I missed seeing it, but did happen upon the rainbow. Nature at its best! Lucy