Monday, May 13, 2013

Flower garden

May 13, 2013 Monday.

Today is Monday and we have just finished a rainy Mother's Day. The rain was so welcomed for our gardens and actually gave our families a great chance to catch up inside. The tulips are now in full bloom in the garden along with azaleas, bleeding heart and cherry blossoms. My! how I love spring. My first hummingbird has showed up at my feeder and like other years they always come for Mother's Day.
Follow below and I will show you the quilt for today. It is a very pretty one. This quilt is called Gramma's Garden. Very fitting to show you with my garden pictures, don't you think? The quilt is 90x108 and is quilted in the pattern called Simply Clematis. Carol has done a nice job on this beautiful spring quilt.


  1. Gwenda, such a lovely post! I love your garden, especially love tulips...and the quilt fits right in with the spring colours of your garden. Great job.
    The Simply Clematis pattern is the one that you did for me I think on my "flower" quilt and mimics the flowers in the fabric I chose, I love it.

  2. This is wonderful quilt....Gramma's garden! the colors are soft and your tulips too!