Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everything Red

Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's the time of year to start your pickling for winter. It's hard to break away from the quilting and tend to these menial tasks but one must consider how they will taste later. The choke cherries are in full fruit and my daughter just finished making some lovely choke cherry jelly. I don't tend to make many jams and jellies anymore, what being diabetic and all, but I love to see them all lined up in a row, with the feeling of accomplishment for the winter. Below are some pickled beets, all ready for winter. I decided to replenish my stock, so I broke down and did these up this week. They will be nice for Thanksgiving and Christmas I'm sure. 

Keeping with the red for today is a very nice quilt done by Joyce. This quilt measures 64" x 88" and is called "Flowers for MS", a charity quilt that will be very useful. The quilting on this quilt is done in red thread and is the pattern called Floral Light, 8". It is hard to see the pictures on the overall quilt here but it shows up better on the backside pictures below. The leaves, flowers, and swirls make for a nice moving pattern on this quilt. Until Monday, get your pickling done and leave time to get back to your sewing room. Life is so good! Gwenda

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