Thursday, August 1, 2013

Collecting Glass from the sea

Thursday, August 1, 2013
We are still  in Grand Manan and enjoying our vacation. I can not believe it is the first of August all ready and summer is in full swing. The Stanley Beach, you see here, is a great beach for sunbathing and playing. I think I have another addiction beside buying quilting fabric ,that is, to collect the pretty colors of sea glass.' Stanley Beach is always busy with sea glass collectors as soon as the tide starts to go out.You can wander aimlessly back and forth for miles in search of that one shiny treasure. So peaceful, so relaxing.
This beach, above, is Pette Beach just up the road from Stanley Beach. The sea glass here is much smoother and more worn where the tides bring it in and dash it against the rock cliffs, swirling the water around before retreating into the ocean once again.The saucer of glass below shows the small round glass-like beads that are found on this beach. They are small and round like marbles. Pottery is also found on these beaches and it is fun doing the scavenger hunt for them. Maybe this is something you would like to try sometime.

Our quilt today are two little tag quilts done by Anne. These little carriage quilts have little ribbon tags on them so baby can feel the silky textures. They are 36" x 36" and are done in the quilting pattern "Little Nature".

The back of this quilt shows all kinds of little garden bugs flitting around . These quilts are so soft and adorable that any baby will love them.

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