Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

The Japanese Tree Peony is magnificent in my garden this week. These pictures show you as it is budded out until it breaks out into a beautiful big flower. This peony is two years old and I wasn't sure if I could pull it through' not one winter but two no less. It is the first year to bloom and has three large blossoms on it. The full bloom on this one is about 8 inches across, absolutely breath-taking. It is called Renkaku. Such a lovely present for Fathers Day and Eugene has enjoyed snapping pictures of it. Hope you have enjoyed visiting it.

 "Singing The Blues" but were not really. This is what Jeanne Kaye calls her quilt. It is a very pretty blue and white quilt that measures 58.5 x 76 inches. She has selected the pattern "Van Gogh" at 8 inches for her allover design. That is one of the advantages of bringing your quilt to us, you are able to select your pattern and thread choices. We will put your pattern on the computer screen so you can see what the finished pattern is going to look like. Now how great is that? We also have many colors of thread to choose from including a good selection of variegated thread. Maybe you are a person who doesn't want to select patterns and thread and that is alright too. We are happy to plan everything for you to the finish.Check our Home page "Gwenda Quilts" for contact information and appointments.

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  1. It was great to see your peony in full bloom, but amazing to see the full progression! Love the integration of your gorgeous garden with your quilt work!