Monday, June 10, 2013

After the rain, again..

June 10, 2013, Monday. Yes, its after the rain again, for a day, maybe two. It gets hard to do gardening and even get pictures when the flowers are drenched and drooping. Looking at it on the positive, at least everything is getting well watered. The white blossoms that are cascading in white balls is the Wild Raisin shrub that we have in the back yard. This shrub is a great addition to our lot with its many blossoms that will turn into deep purple berries in the fall for the birds. I always like to include shrubs that will do double duty for beauty and fodder for the wildlife.                                                                                                                                                                          
 I noticed that the roses are just starting to peep out. It almost seems so soon for them, but the garden season keeps marching on whether I have the gardens ready or not. I suspect by next week I'll be showing these bright fellows.

The bachelor buttons are taking their turn as they do every year. They don't last very long but they can put on a good show while they're here. These plants grow with very little care and are so hardy.

Our quilt for today is one of my favorite patterns. Who doesn't like a nice Nine-Patch? The blue and red colors in Carol's quilt makes me feel so nostalgic. These were the old reliable patterns used in the quilts of bygone years and are still favorites today. This quilt is 87x98 ' just a nice size to be used on today's beds and it is quilted in an allover pattern called "Spring Lei"at 6 inches. Its hard to see the stitching on the back unless you are looking right at it but this quilt is very attractive. Nice job Carol!

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  1. Beautiful flowers. Yes, I agree. The Nine Patch is a favorite of mine.