Thursday, October 31, 2013


Thursday ,October 31, 2013    Halloween!
This sure looks like a Halloween sky, and I almost can imagine a witch flying across the screen. Yes, today is Halloween and all the children are getting ready with their costumes to go from house to house. I sure miss those days and Oh to be a kid again. 
The decorations are up and waiting and its fun to see all the scary displays that people put out. My son had this big skeleton lit up in the corner of his house along with lit up spiders, zombies and skeletons. What fun their children were having.

There are lots of Halloween fabric out there for one to make some great projects out of. I found this striped fabric with lots of Halloween pictures on it. This fabric has been sitting around for a long time, so, out of the blue, I decided to do something with it. 

I am showing you this braid runner I decided to make for my kitchen table. It is really long and very colorful. You can see below as it starts to grow. 

I quilted it on the longarm using a variegated, King Tut thread in a orange and yellow color. The pattern is a roving pumpkin and vine pattern as you can see more clearly from the back. Hope you enjoyed seeing my little Halloween project today and have fun with your children tonight. Stay out of the candy Mom!

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  1. What a clever use of your Halloween fabric - love what you did with it. Hoping you bring it to our meeting for show and tell. Lucy