Thursday, October 3, 2013

Red October

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Red, Red, Red, a great time of year to see red all around us. The last of the red gladiolus have been cut from the garden and I have extended their beauty for a few more days. There are berries still on the forest floor as you see below this is the wild Lily of the Valley. Its nice to have a Forester husband who can identify these for me. 

The Blueberry  fields have started to turn red and in a few frosts from now will be bright red. What a red sea that will be.The red barns stand out in the distance on our last road trip and don't you just love the bright little white window with the flower box. The red shingles make the window show up so nicely.  

We took lots of pictures on our outing and here is an old red wagon sitting on a lawn. It has been painted an old red and looks great .

Old farm cream cans are painted red and used for decorating too! Here is one sitting among the flower boxes, still every bit as useful only for a different purpose. So you see there is lots of red around us, just notice when you are out driving and see what reds you can find. 

Today's quilt fits perfectly for our Red October theme. Here is a custom quilted quilt belonging to Sandra. This little crib quilt is 54" x 66"  and has a feathered   daisy pattern placed in each white square. This "Irish Chain" has borders done in the pattern" Harvest Wheat". This quilt is a lovely quilt for our "Red October" theme. See you on Monday when we celebrate the fall season with a great fall theme quilt. Gwenda

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