Monday, April 29, 2013

Jelly Roll Quilt

 April 29, 2013.  Monday.
We have just come through the most beautiful spring weekend and the gardens are starting to come alive. The Spring Dauphinee is always my first spring flower along with my lovely crocuses. I always love to take pictures of them first thing because it gives you such renewed  strength and promise. The spring quilt shows are all booked now and you can visit each one with thoughts about your next project.   
Our blog comes to you twice a week to show you the work we do for our customers. If you have projects to finish or projects that have been hanging around your closets, why not call me and get them quilted to completion. We have hundreds of patterns you can choose from and you can choose your own thread colors if you like. Our customers enjoy seeing their finished quilt on the computer screen before they make their final decision. Give me a call at 506-459-7343 and book your time slot to get your next project on its way.
  Today is Monday and I would like to show you the jeans quilt we did for Gisele. Everyone seems to have a supply of old jeans that they never seem to know what to do with . I thought this was a good idea to cut them into strips and sew them like a jellyroll. The colors are very soft together. This quilt is 71x78  and has a very light batting in it. The pattern quilted on it is Geometric at 12"'. This makes a great quilt for the boy in your life.

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