Monday, April 8, 2013

Monkeying Around

Anyone for marbles or skip rope? We can at least think young at this time of year and remember those days back then when we spent hours skipping just to be out in the nice spring weather and try to keep from doing all those chores that we knew our Mothers had planned all week for us to do.
April Fools- April  1st, 2013. Look at this monkey swinging away on this sweet baby quilt done by Debra. She did a great job on this baby quilt and had it custom quilted. The outside border is done in the pattern called Safari Monkey. They are so cute running around the outside. The inside green border is a single vine called Christofers Feathers and the windmill blocks are done in Dragonfly Valentines. This quilt is exceptionly well done and with a small stipple around the monkey it pops the monkey right out. What a fun quilt!

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