Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shades of purple and green

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The last day of April and snow is still covering much of my gardens. The rhubarb is brave and trying to stick its head into the cold air. My Daffodils, as you see below, are just emerging and with that I have great hope that our weather will start to warm up, soon!  The only sign of life in the garden so far are the green sprouts and the purple Dalphinee and Crocuses. They are indeed a welcome sight and that is why this blog today can be titled "Shades of purple and green".

Speaking  of shades of purple and green, I have a beautiful "Sampler" quilt made by my daughter, Janice. This is a very special quilt since the blocks were made by four different people. Janice's two aunts and her mother, each person made three blocks for a total of 12 blocks. Each person had to do three blocks out of the fabric provided by the others plus the three for their own quilt, meaning that everyone made 12 blocks. It was sort of like a Round Robin. It is such a keepsake since one aunt has passed on. This quilt was custom quilted and I will leave you with picures to look at and admire. The quilt is 77" x 98" and has a border quilted in the pattern called "Anne's Flower Border". It is hard to see the quilting in these pictures but the backing shows up really well and some of the borders. You will get the idea. It really is a lovely quilt. Enjoy your purple Wednesday, bye for now, till next week Gwenda Quilts.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Mom! I think it turned out fantastic! I just wish I could remember who made each block. I can figure out most of them but I'll have to ask Aunt Ruth if she can remember which belong to her.