Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It really is starting to look like Spring now!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
It is starting to finally show signs of Spring here in the Maritimes. The spring birds have started to return and I can hear them chirping in the trees outside the door. We still have huge snowbanks but they are starting to dwindle. Can't you just smell the maple sap boiling? I know my brothers are busy at the Sugar camps right now. The spring buds are starting to swell on some of our trees  and the sky is getting a little brighter and bluer. You can hear the Millstream brook rumbling along as the ice and snow are melting. It has been a long winter for us this year but the quilting has  been great!

Our quilt today  is a lovely blue , green and white quilt. I love these colors.  Debra tells me that this is her "Jewel Box" quilt and I think it is a real jewel. The quilt is 69" x 83" and is quilted in the pattern "Daisy May". The pattern shows up so well on the soft "Minke " fabric on the back. You can't help but love that pretty spring green border and blocks. It really is Spring! Catch you next week! Gwenda Quilts

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