Thursday, July 4, 2013

Seeing Fireworks and Stars

July 4, 2013, Thursday
I promised that I would show pictures of the fireworks display over the St. John River on Monday night. The rain held of long enough to get a few pictures although they happened so fast you could hardly have time to capture them. All in all, they were beautiful and every one of them reminded me of quilt patterns and color combinations. Its funny how you can see patterns every where you look and some of the colors in these were beautiful.

The fireworks were many colors of star bursts and the quilt today is called "Star Power". This quilt is a lovely quilt done by Janice. It is 89 x104 and is quilted with the pattern called "Falling Leaves" at 8". Below you can see the quilting quite well. This is a very pretty quilt done in beiges and burgundy.

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 Summer is well under way now and its a time for me to be where its cool, {in front of my sewing machine]. I am not a heat lover so I will try to catch up on some of my quilt projects. Are you in your sewing room on very hot days? Enjoy your summer either way but don't forget to watch our blog. Have fun Gwenda

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  1. Love the pictures of the fireworks. I saw them that night too. I loved them. \
    I have a quilt almost done, just like that burgundy and beige one. It reminds me that I must get it done. Your quilting is beautiful.