Thursday, July 11, 2013

Roses, Weddings and Quilts

Thursday, July 11, 2013 
Roses! Roses! Roses! They are fragrant and beautiful in the gardens now and I'm showing you a couple that I grow. This red rose peering between the porch rails is a Grootendorst  Supreme Rose and is very hardy. It has grown in this location for years. 

This single pink rose is a semi-double pink rose that grows low to the ground. This rose is a Pierette Pavement Rose and is ideal for the front of the garden bed. Just like in quilting, placement of flowers or quilt blocks can make a great different whether it be in garden beds or quilts.

My favorite rose of all is this soft climbing rose called "New Dawn' . I was given this rose by my aunt who is no longer with us. I have been able to pull this rose through every winter so far when the rest of the family has lost theirs to frost. I hope I can continue to do so. This rose is a soft shell pink climber that can grow 10 to 15 feet tall . It is also called The New Dawn, Everblooming Dr. W. Van Fleet rose. The fragrance from these roses are wonderful. 

Roses and weddings go hand in hand. Congratulations to  my mother and father, who have celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary this week and this blog is dedicated to them today. They are 95 and 93 years of age and have raised a family of 17 children with 16 still living. I know, I know, I come from strong genes and feel so fortunate. 

Our quilt for today is a wedding quilt, that I have put together, for an upcoming wedding in August. It was a great way to use up my blue scraps. I don't have any particular name for this quilt although I have seen it done many times. It is 81"x 103" and is quilted in the all over pattern called Soft and Sweet. We did this quilt in a soft variegated thread with a mixtures of blue and pink. It is a lovely queen size quilt that any bride and groom would enjoy receiving . Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!
At this time of year, we get many of our wedding quilts to do. They make lovely , cherished gifts for brides and grooms and don't forget to label them. It will mean so much to the receivers, they will look at the label in years to come and remember who gave them the beautiful quilt. 
The back of this quilt shows up so well. Although you can't see the pretty variegated colors in the thread from this picture, trust me they are there. Congratulations to all those brides and grooms out there and maybe you will  be lucky to receive a beautiful quilt quilted by Gwenda Quilts for your wedding. Bye for now!


  1. Love the roses. I love a scrap quilt. The quilted roses are perfect for a wedding quilt.

  2. Your roses are breathtaking. Love the light pink variety, although the dark red ones show up perfectly against the white porch. Congratulations to your mom & dad on an amazing love story of 72 years married. They are a great example of committment and devotion to each other. The scrap quilt for the upcoming wedding is going to be a very special gift to be treasured by the happy couple. Lucy

  3. Gwenda, this quilt is beautiful. I am doing the same pattern in batiks! It's nice to see what it will look like when I am finished! Bernadette Smith (your sister Bev's friend)