Monday, July 15, 2013

Patchwork of colours along our Maritime Highways

Monday, July 15, 2013
Hello I'm back and its Monday. I just have to tell you, we hit the highway this weekend for Nova Scotia and the weather was absolutely beautiful. We were travelling along the St John River just outside of Fredericton when I couldn't help but noticed all the wildflowers out along our highways. Have you been noticing? If your a quilter for sure I would think you would pick up on the colors quite readily. We brought the car to a stop however when I spied this bright, snapping blue plant. I love bright blue and I can't think of another plant so intense with color. It is called Chicory and grows in spots along the roadside. It would be lovely in your garden except I think its a spreader. 

Look at the color! Just as Eugene was snapping the picture I noticed something yellow in the distance. Look below to see what I found.

These gorgeous plants were hanging in the distance and really caught my eye. They were hanging like big bells on a pole and were four to five feet tall. These plants are called our Wild Canada Lily and grow in swamp and wet areas near our St. John River marshes. The deer love these plants so the plant population has dwindled over the years. I understand they grow in a red color also. What a beautiful sight. I just had to share them. Now read below and see our feature quilt for today. It is also spectacular.


Our quilt today is a beautiful "Log Cabin" quilt done by Kathy. She has used a wide array of browns and tans for her logs. I love the bright yellow centers and borders. They really make this quilt. 

Our quilting pattern featured today is called "Wind Dance" which are maple leaves blowing all over the quilt. The quilt is 94" x 100" and will fit nicely on a queen size bed. Kathy has done such a good job on this quilt and we loved taking pictures of it in a natural setting. The allover quilting pattern of maple leaves goes great with the themed log cabin. This quilt will be very cozy and warm on Kathy's bed. 


  1. Love it! Beautiful flowers and quilts!

  2. Love that picture of the quilt hanging on the line through the trees. It's stunning...