Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blues-Pineapple Quilt

March 14, 2013      Its Thursday already, I promised to show you another blue quilt. This is an old pattern called Pineapple Quilt.I pieced this quilt with many strips, did I say MANY strips! The quilt is a Queen size quilt and is quilted with the pattern Tapestry. I took this particular quilt to the Nursing Home to show my 93 year old mother and my 95 year old father and I was surprised to hear my father exclaim that this quilt is the one he likes the best of all the many, many quilts I have shown them. I guess he still loves the old tradional favorites.  

The wash basin and chamber pot, you see here, is sitting on an old antique wash stand. Once again the Flow Blue pieces are beautiful with the Pineapple quilt. I LOVE BLUE!!

The Tapestry pattern on this backing shows up great!


  1. Beautiful quilt Gwenda! I love blue too. Thanks for giving me your Blog address - I will enjoy looking at all the quilts that are displayed on it.

  2. Beautiful Pineapple Gwenda!! Love that Tapestry pattern!!