Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
We are finally back from holidays now, colds and flu plaqued us for much of the holiday season but its good to get back to the sewing machine and quilting machine. The snow has certainly been deep around here especially when it covers a solid layer of ice. The birch catkins are totally encased with ice as you see in this picture. You wouldn't know that I had hung many Christmas wreaths this season. All I can see is remanants of their red bows. We live in Canada and you can expect weather of this calibre. I find its great sewing and quilting weather.

Today's quilt is a little winter snowman fun. It is 58" x 66" and is as cuddly as can be. Heather tells me she still has many, many buttons to go on it yet. We custom quilted this quilt with mitten and star borders. Because of the number of buttons we kept quilting to a minimum. What a fun little project to have completed. I hope you are settled in your sewing room now. Happy New Year. Gwenda

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