Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting Ready

 November 14, 2013, Thursday

Getting ready for Christmas has begun and the tree growers and wreath makers have started to do their cuttings. My brother has a tree lot on our family farm and every year the trucks come in to pick up all the baled trees to be shipped far and wide for Christmas. In just a few weeks, families will be arriving in numbers to pick out their favorite tree for the special day.  I drove by Harvey Station the other day and noticed the piles of Christmas wreaths lining the fields and piled high ; waiting to be adorned with their festive red bow. Decorations have started to show in the stores and on homes around the countryside. 

The preparations have surely started and it is the same in our quilt shop. People are bringing in their projects to be quilted for their special gifts to loved ones. Today's quilt belongs to Carol and she is getting a jump on her projects. This quilt is 90" x 102" with lovely rows of zigzag patterns that remind me of the rows of Christmas trees . The pattern we quilted on this quilt is called "Soft n Sweet" and is so fitting for this project. I hope you are also getting ready whether it be decorations or quilting. See you Monday, Gwenda

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